GSoC Week 2

This week involved quite a bit of refactoring and getting the refactored metric implementation functions linked to API endpoints. Also, I got to play around with python functions.

Meeting Summary

Date: Monday, 3rd June 2019 \


  • Refactor metric implementations to accept repo_group_id and repo_id instead of repo_url to adhere to the new API endpoint scheme.
  • Add API endpoints for the metric implementations.
  • Write documentation.
  • Create unit tests for the metric implementations.

Work Done This Week

  • All metrics implemented last week were refactored to work on repo groups as well as repos. Which means now you can use a metric on a specific repository using the /repo-groups/:repo_group_id/repos/:repo_id/[metric] endpoint, or on a group of repositories in one go using /repo-groups/:repo_group_id/[metric] endpoint.
  • Created API endpoints for the refactored metric implementations.
  • Wrote helper functions that simplify creating API endpoints [This was fun. Learnt quite a bit about routing in Flask and the Python Data Model 😄].
  • Documented the new API endpoints.

Pull Requests:

Future Work

  • Write unit tests.
  • More future plans for next week to be decided in the next meeting on Monday, 10th June 2019.


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