GSoC Week 9

This week officialy marked the end of the second coding phase. Most of my work this week involved working on the Pull Request Worker

Meeting Summary

Date: Monday, 22nd July 2019

  • @sgoggins cleared a few doubts I had regarding the Pull Request Worker
  • Discussed creating new API endpoints that allow a user to add Repo-Groups and Repos to Augur. For example a POST request on repo-groups/ creates a Repo-Group & a POST request on repos/ adds a repository and begins the data collection process.

Work Done This Week

  • Metrics Implemented:

    • Reviews: Time series of the number of new reviews or pull requests opened within a certain period.
    • Reviews Accepted: Time series of the number of accepted reviews or pull requests merged within a certain period.
    • Reviews Declined: Time series of the number of declined reviews or pull requests closed within a certain period.
    • Review Duration: Time since a Review or Pull Request is proposed until it is accepted.
  • GitHub Pull Requests Worker:
    The Pull Request Worker now also gathers the following pull request data:

    • Labels
    • Events
    • Reviewers
    • Assignees
    • Comments
    • PR Metadata (such as Head & Base details)

Pull Requests:

Challenges Encountered

  • The main challenge for this week was debugging the Pull Request Worker. It required quite a bit of testing. The debugging process isn’t over yet. I plan to continue debugging the worker while working on implementing pull request related metrics.

Future Work

  • Continue working on the Pull Request Worker.
  • Implement Pull Request related metrics
  • More future plans for next week to be decided in the next meeting on Monday, 29th July 2019.


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