GSoC Week 8

This week I mostly worked on Workers and also implemented some metrics.

Meeting Summary

Date: NA

No meeting was held this week.

Work Done This Week

  • Metrics Implemented:

    • Average Issue Resolution Time: returns the average time taken to resolve an issue (i.e. close an issue)
    • Top Committers: returns a list of contributors contributing N% of all commits in a repo_group or repo. (Refer this issue)
  • GitHub Repository Metadata Worker:

    • Added a that simplifies installing and running the worker.
  • GitHub Pull Requests Worker:

    • Developed the first version of the GitHub Pull Request worker.
    • This version of the worker fetches pull request data from the GitHub API and populates the pull_requests table.
  • API Docs:

    • Moved all legacy API endpoint documentation to the bottom.

Pull Requests:

Challenges Encountered

  • There weren’t many challenges this week. But as I continue working on the Pull Request worker, I’m pretty sure that I’ll soon encounter some challenges.

Future Work

  • Continue working on the Pull Request Worker.
  • More future plans for next week to be decided in the next meeting on Monday, 22nd July 2019.


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