GSoC Week 6

This week, I created a worker that fetches a repository’s information (forks, stargazers, watchers, etc.) and implemented a few metrics based on the repository’s information.

Meeting Summary

Date: NA

No meeting was held this week.

Work Done This Week

  • Metrics Implemented:

    • Forks: Returns a time series of fork count.
    • Fork Count: Returns the latest fork count.
    • Stars: Returns a time series of stargazers count.
    • Stars Count: Returns the latest stargazers count.
    • Watchers: Returns a time series of watchers count.
    • Watchers Count: Returns the latest watchers count.
  • Metrics Refactored:

    • Along with @gabe-heim & @bing0n3 refactored all metric API endpoints to include a repo-name field.
  • API Endpoints Added: Added the following two utility API endpoints:

    • /dosocs/repos: Get a list of repos along with their repo_id & path. Created to allow dosocs to get the path of the various repositories in Augur & analyze them.
    • /repo-groups/:repo_group_id/repos: Get a list of all repos in a repo group specified by repo_group_id.
  • GitHub Repo Info Worker:

    • Created a worker that fetches repo info (forks, stars, watchers, license, etc) for all repositories stored in the Augur.

Pull Requests:

Work in Progress:

  • Integrating the GitHub Repo Info Worker into Augur’s worker architecture.

Challenges Encountered

  • Understanding how the worker works in Augur’s architecture was a bit of challenge this week. The current challenge is integrating this worker into Augur.

Future Work

  • Integrate the GitHub Repo Info Worker into Augur
  • More future plans for next week to be decided in the next meeting on Monday, 8th July 2019.


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